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How to Win Murphy-Goode Winery’s Charity Contest

Murphy-Goode Winery's Charity Contest

A lot of us support charitable organizations that help improve the lives of others.

So wouldn’t it be great for your cause to receive a $25,000 donation to help it further – and for you to receive $10,000 just for submitting the nomination?

That’s exactly what Sonoma-based Murphy-Goode Winery is doing. It has launched A Really Goode Cause, a nomination-based, nationwide search for three non-profits that will each receive a $25,000 donation. And the three individuals that nominate the chosen non-profits will also each receive $10,000.

Murphy-Goode Winery is not a stranger to gift-giving. In 2021 and 2022 it ran “Really Goode Job” campaigns that provided $10,000 per month salaries for four individuals looking to join the wine industry.

This new campaign will help non-profit organizations and fellow do-gooders that support their local communities.

To apply, entrants must create a short video about the non-profit they are passionate about and their involvement with the charitable organization, share what the organization does to help the community, explain why it should receive $25,000, and upload the video on the official campaign website or email it to The deadline is June 30, 2023.

Winners will be announced in September. Payouts for the winners will be delivered in person, and the team at Murphy-Goode Winery will travel to each location to host a volunteer day. The official rules and additional information can be found here.

This is a fabulous opportunity for your favorite charity to receive some well-earned recognition and for both you and it to reap a financial benefit for your efforts.

Wine With Our Family recently had the opportunity to catch up with Dave Ready, Jr., Winemaker at Murphy-Goode Winery, to learn more about the campaign and how to win Murphy-Goode Winery’s charity contest.

Wine With Our Family: The past "Goode" campaigns have been more wine industry oriented. Why did you move to this kind of campaign?

Dave Ready, Jr.: We had so much fun helping people find their dream wine jobs with the A Really Goode Job campaign. We learned a lot about the passion people have, even beyond just wine and wanting a great career. We figured if they are this passionate about wine, there are many more who are even more passionate about the good that is done in their own communities through non-profits. We wanted to expand our reach and help entire communities by launching A Really Goode Cause. We want to support where we can and incorporate some fun in doing so.

WWOF: What are you looking for in a winner?

DR: There are countless deserving organizations that are doing really good work for their communities. They are fueled by passion and ultimately, we are looking for that passion to shine through in these submission videos. We want to know what the organization does to help or improve the communities it serves and why it should receive $25,000.

WWOF: What kind of pitch are you looking for? DR: We want to know where our consumers want to help and give back to their communities. People are still facing challenges, and may not be able to financially donate like they used to. So, whether it’s a local food bank, animal shelter, organizations that support education, veterans, or civil advocacy, we want to hear from you!

WWOF: Are there any preferences regarding what kind of non-profits are more or less likely to win?

DR: There is no shortage of deserving organizations. All non-profits are welcome!

We just ask for all the details and how it benefits its community.

WWOF: The rules say that one criterion is "creativity." What do you mean by that? And can you provide an example, so that people can respond accordingly?

DR: Tell us why you're passionate about the non-profit. What's their mission and how have they benefited your community? How are you involved? Most importantly, we want to see you have fun in the submission video. You're doing something good and we want to see it!

WWOF: Do other wineries do this?

DR: Our campaign is our unique way of celebrating the spirit of giving, but many great wineries support and give through experiential charitable events or directly to non-profits.

WWOF: Will you be doing a different campaign every year? DR: We are a band of social creatures and ideas, always working to inspire and motivate people to do good. You’ll have to wait and see!

WWOF: Do you have any advice for those who want to nominate?

DR: Our best advice is to be passionate about the cause and have fun nominating your favorite non-profit!

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Dave Ready Jr. and have a better understanding of how to win Murphy-Goode Winery’s charity contest for your favorite charity and yourself. Best of luck to all entrants. I hope some of our readers win!

This interview was edited for length and clarity. Photo courtesy of Murphy-Goode Winery.

What do you think of Murphy-Goode Winery’s charity contest? What charities would you nominate? We’d love to hear about it. Send us a message at

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