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We are the Hirsch Family.


Our family includes Marla, Doug, Bobby, and Jess. This wine and travel blog aims to serve as a resource for vineyard reviews, wine tour recommendations, tips for planning wine-focused trips, and more. We hope that the information we share can help you plan your next destination vacation, trip to the local winery, or other related experience. 

wine and travel blog


I like to take notes.

Whether it's related to my job or what I ordered in that new DC restaurant, I find note taking helps us remember important information for the future. Throughout the years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel with my family to many wineries in my own backyard (Hi, Virginia!) as well as abroad. Everywhere I go, I take copious notes - what we liked about the place, my favorite wines from the tasting, and the interesting facts we learned along the way. I created this wine and travel blog partially because my children were bugging me to digitize my notes and to help future wine travelers in their journeys. We hope this information gives you valuable insights about where to plan your next wine experience or which tour to consider. 

Marla Durben Hirsch
Wine With Our Family Founder
wine and travel blog

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