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What's the fun in drinking wine if you can't keep track of which ones you like and which ones belong in the spittoon? Check out Marla's simple and easy-to-use wine rating system to help you decide your favorite varietals at the next winery you visit.

No Smileys

In no way does this mean the wine was bad. It just wasn't your cup of tea. You wouldn't order a glass of it at a restaurant.

One Smiley

Nice, pleasant, easy drinking wine. If someone offered this to you at a tailgate or happy hour, you would be perfectly content.

Two Smileys

Delicious. You would buy a bottle of this if you're in the mood. Definitely a good wine after you have a stressful day and need a pick-me-up.


Two and 1/2 Smileys

Wow! This wine is out of this world. You should definitely buy a bottle (if not a case) so that you can savor it for years to come. Truly a stellar grape that hits your taste buds in all the right ways.

Three Smileys

We have yet to see a wine make Three Smileys, but we've heard it can happen. If you find a wine that speaks to your soul in a way nothing else can, it's a Three Smiley. Buy as much as you can of that vintage, just in case.

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