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4 Gifts to Splurge On For Wine Lovers

Gifts to Splurge on for Wine Lovers

Sometimes you want to spend a bit more on a gift for someone – or maybe you just want to treat yourself. Here are several gifts to splurge on for wine lovers that we recommend. All are available via the internet.

1. A Wine Club Membership

Gifts to Splurge on for Wine Lovers

Giving a wine club membership is a wonderful gift to splurge on for wine lovers. It can introduce the recipients to new wines and treat them to old favorites. Wine club membership typically also offers other benefits, such as invitations to members-only events and low inventory alerts. Most wine membership packages are customizable by quantity or type of wine.

If someone you know likes Zinfandel, we suggest buying that person a wine club membership to Carol Shelton Wines, which specializes in that varietal. The winery produces 11 types of Zinfandel, as well as a few whites and some other reds, such as Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines are also very reasonably priced for Sonoma. It’s currently located in Santa Rosa, California but is relocating to nearby Windsor.

2. A Virtual Wine Tasting

Gifts to Splurge on for Wine Lovers

It’s fun to learn about the wine you’re tasting from the winemaker who created it without leaving the comfort of your own home. A lot of wineries now offer virtual wine tastings of their products.

If you or your wine lover is into Pinot Noir, try a virtual wine tasting with Papapietro Perry Winery. This Healdsburg, California-based winery makes 10 different Pinot Noir wines to compare, as well as Zinfandel and Chardonnay for a change of pace. It offers virtual wine tastings throughout the week, and periodically adds in special wine tastings, such as one that pairs wine with caviar. A tasting includes a bottle of each of the chosen wines in the tasting package, a four-pack of Repour winesavers to preserve the wine, free shipping, and a host-guided virtual tasting via Zoom. Prices start at $139.

3. A Really Nice Gift Box

There are a lot of gift boxes and baskets that make a great gift to splurge on for a wine lover. We were especially impressed with the gift boxes from Gift Tree after Jess received one herself. The company provides high-end gourmet gift boxes, with nice additional touches, such as hand-tied satin ribbons that can be personalized; beautiful, reusable boxes; and complimentary scissors to open the gift box. Gift Tree also offers fruit, occasion, and other types of boxes and baskets. Prices vary; wine gift baskets start at $129.95.

4. Wine-Themed Novelty Gifts

A splurge gift needn’t be overly expensive; it can simply be a cute novelty item that someone would appreciate. I particularly like these novelty wine clocks from Humorous Clocks, which I first spied at a craft show.

Gifts to Splurge on for Wine Lovers

They’re unique, handcrafted in oak, creative, and funny. Clockmaker Jim Mofhitz has been making these clocks since 1981. There are several clock dials relating to wine, but he offers many different themes, including pets, hobbies, sports, and occupations. Prices start at $49.95.

Have any recommendations about gifts to splurge on for wine lovers? Let us know at And please reach out to us with any questions or feedback.

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