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3 Interesting Places to Grab a Drink in Portland, Oregon

Grab a Drink in Portland

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit Portland, Oregon for the first time, while visiting my friend Kyle. I had no idea what to expect but ended up being incredibly impressed that there was such a variety of interesting places to visit, eat, and grab a drink in Portland.

Please see below for several of my favorite spots. Unfortunately, I only had a few days to spend in the city, so this is by no means an exhaustive list. We hope you enjoy.

1. Von Ebert Brewing

There is an abundance of breweries you can choose from in Portland. You can probably find just about any type of beer you’re into.

We happened to stumble into Von Ebert Brewing because it’s around the corner from the famously massive book store - Powell’s City of Books. Both are located in the Pearl District, a former warehouse district full of places to eat, drink, and shop to your heart’s content.

We both opted for the Brewer’s Paddle, which is a rotation selection of five beers, chosen by the brewer. Von Ebert is a small, craft-owned brewery, and the Brewer’s paddle was a great way to sample the current beers on the menu. We didn’t stay for dinner but hear anecdotally that the food is great as well.

Grab a Drink in Portland

2. The 1905

Many of the places I visited in Oregon came from recommendations from friends, family, and even rideshare drivers. The 1905 came recommended to us by an Uber driver my first day in town. Shout out to Linda!

The 1905 is a jazz bar and performing space located just off the well-known Mississippi Avenue, an area known for eclectic shops and unique bars, including one with tanks of live fish that swim past as you sip your drink.

We came for a Sunday night jazz show, having no idea what to expect. We were treated to an intimate show with a local guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, and saxophonist playing seriously funky tunes while we had cocktails and ate wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza. It was a lovely experience, and I highly recommend it if you enjoy jazz.

3. Archery Summit

This is a wine blog – and I think we would be remiss if we talked about Oregon and didn’t even mention wine once.

On my second to last day, we went to a winery called Archery Summit, which is a sister winery to Hirsch-family-favorite: Seghesio Family Vineyards. While not technically located in downtown Portland, the property is only a 45-minute drive away.

Archery Summit requires you to book appointments in advance. We had made an appointment for 11:00 a.m., and as soon as we arrived, we were seated on the shaded patio, with a beautiful view of the Willamette Valley itself.

Grab a Drink in Portland

We had the opportunity to try a Chardonnay, three Pinot Noirs, which the Willamette Valley region is known for, and one selection from the cellar, identified by our pourer after learning a little bit about what we like.

While the tasting is a bit pricier than what you may see at other vineyards at $50 per person, the quality of the tasting was more than worth it. Our pourer was both knowledgeable and personable, able to answer all of the questions we had. The wines themselves were excellent, with all at least getting one smiley face. If you enjoy Pinot Noir, this is an excellent spot to visit if you’re in the area.

If you’re in Portland, consider adding one of these interesting places to grab a drink to your list. Ultimately, Portland has a wealth of great food and things to do, and you’ll probably have a good time.

Help us add to this list! Please share your favorite spots to grab a drink in Portland. Let us know at

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