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5 Great Gifts that Go with Wine

Great Gifts that Go with Wine

Sometimes you want to give a wine-related gift to a wine drinker – or pamper yourself. With so many options out there, it can be hard to choose great gifts that go with wine. Here are five that we’ve uncovered this past year that we have used ourselves and recommend. They’re all reasonably priced and available online.

1. Joe Roberts’ Wine Taster’s Guide

Great Gifts that Go with Wine

If you’re looking to provide a gift to educate someone (or yourself) about wine, consider Joe Roberts’ Wine Taster’s Guide, an easy-to-read book that demystifies the world of wine without being stuffy or overwhelming. It’s chock full of information about wine varietals, aromas, and regions, and includes both basic and advanced information. It explains how to read a wine label and helps readers develop their palates. The best part: it includes 30 different themed wine tastings – because, as Roberts says, you can’t learn about wine only by reading about it. Joe Roberts is a wine writer, wine critic, and frequent wine competition judge. The guide is available on several internet sites. I found it on Amazon for $12.75 in paperback; you can also download it to Kindle for $4.99.

2. A Wine Rating Journal from WOODCHUCK USA

Great Gifts that Go with Wine

If you know people who like to track the wines they try, WOODCHUCK USA’s wine tasting journal is a great gift to give with wine. It keeps all of one’s tasting observations in a convenient place – no more hastily jotting notes into a smartphone or on loose pieces of paper. And unlike some wine tasting journals that only provide room for limited information, the pages here include space to record much more, such as who the taster is sharing the wine with and why, the price of the wine, what food best pairs with it, and whether the wine taster would recommend it to others. WOODCHUCK specializes in attractive, customizable gifts using wood products and plants a tree with every product sold. The journals can be customized by wood shade and by type, in case you preferred a diary, sketch pad, or other format. The company also sells barware, accessories, and other items. The journal is $31; customizing costs an additional $10.

3. Wine Slushie Mixes from Nectar of the Vine

Great Gifts that Go with Wine

If you’re looking to give an edible gift that goes great with wine, consider a wine slushie mix from Nectar of the Vine. The mixes come with instructions and you don’t need special equipment – all you need is to add the wine, champagne, or whatever the recipe for that slushie calls for. There are additional recipes on the company’s website. The mixes come in a myriad of flavors, such as berry or citrus, as well as seasonal favorites. There are frozen frappes and hot wine mixes. I personally recommend the pomegranate mix. I found this great gift to give with wine at a recent festival, but you can order the mixes online on the company’s website, where you can also buy nuts, other cocktail mixes, and gift baskets. The mixes are $15 a bag or $36 for three bags.

4. Simple Syrups from Blue Ridge Elixirs

If you or someone you know also likes making cocktails, simple syrups from Blue Ridge Elixirs are a great gift to give with wine. These handcrafted, small-batch syrups are super with mixed drinks, as well as coffee, soda water, tea, even ice cream, yogurt, or oatmeal. The syrups come in many flavors, such as rose hibiscus, cinnamon spice, and chocolate java. Jessie purchased the spicy habanero syrup for Bobby as a gift, and he liked it so much he immediately bought himself a variety pack. The syrups also come in attractive glass bottles, if you wanted to display them. They’re $11 a bottle; the variety packs sell for $40 or $58.

Great Gifts that Go with Wine

5. An Earcare MD Earbud Cleaning Kit from Eosera

Great Gifts that Go with Wine

For a slightly different great gift to give with wine, consider an earbud cleaning kit from Eosera. I usually enjoy a glass of wine while listening to music or streaming a movie, but I’ll admit I’m pretty harsh on my earbuds. Now I have a way to safely clean and disinfect them. This earbud cleaning kit comes complete with a magnifying glass to see where the dirt is, brushes to loosen and brush away debris, putty to get at stubborn gunk, and sanitizer wipes. The kit is packaged in a small, handy storage case. Keeping earbuds clean is better for the ears and makes the sound clearer. Eosera, a biotechnology company, also sells other ear and nose-related health items. The kits can be found at select drug stores and on Amazon; on Eosera’s website each kit is $13.99.

I hope that these great gifts to give with wine make gift giving a little easier – or spurs you to splurge on yourself. If you have any recommendations about additional great gifts to give with wine, please share at Always feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feedback.

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