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5 New Digital Gifts for Your Favorite Wine Lover

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

New Digital Gifts For Your Favorite Wine Lover

Many people these days prefer digital gifts over physical ones. They are convenient, easy to carry on a mobile device, and hard to lose. Gift-givers like them too, since they can typically be ordered online and delivered quickly to the recipient.  


But since there are so many digital gift options, how do you choose?


One good way is to look at what’s new. That way your gift recipient is less likely to already have it. Here are five new digital gifts for your favorite wine lover. These are all items that we have used personally and recommend.


Wine Passes


Wine passes, which provide great deals for members, are a super digital gift for your favorite wine lover. No more need to remember to grab that little card when venturing to the wineries; the app can simply be downloaded to one’s iPhone. These passes provide a lot of benefits and value.


Two such passes I’ve encountered this year that I’ve been impressed with are Priority Wine Pass and Reserve Wine Pass (formerly Virginia Wine Pass). They’re similar, offering free tastings and other perks, and the digital apps are both pretty easy to navigate. The websites are also user-friendly.

New Digital Gifts For Your Favorite Wine Lover

The participating winery partners and offerings do differ, so see what pass your gift recipient may get more use out of (or buy both).


The cost of a Priority Wine Pass ranges from $39.99 to $59.99 depending on whether one purchases a three-day, 30-day, or annual pass. My readers are entitled to a 20 percent discount by using the code WWOF. The Reserve Wine Pass is available monthly for $14.99 and annually for $99; my readers can secure a 40 percent discount with the code WineWithFamily40.  




Much as I love turning the pages of an actual book, it’s often easier to download and carry one on a device.

New Digital Gifts For Your Favorite Wine Lover

There are of course many books on wine that make great gifts for your favorite wine lover. One type of book that’s particularly helpful is a book about the wine region that a person will soon be traveling to or is considering visiting and wants to learn more about.


I am very keen on going to the wine regions of Australia in the near future. I was recently introduced to a new book on the subject called How to Drink Australian, written by sommeliers Jane Lopes and Jonathan Ross. The book is a comprehensive, state-by-state, region-by-region wine tour and very up-to-date. It’s also easy to read. I plan on taking the digital book with me when I go to Australia. It’s a great resource.


The hardcover book is $44.71 on Amazon, but the Kindle version is $37.02.


New Digital Gifts For Your Favorite Wine Lover

Another book released this year I really liked is Wine Witch on Fire: Rising from the Ashes of Divorce, Defamation, and Drinking Too Much by Canadian Wine Expert Natalie MacLean.


The memoir, which I beta-reviewed at the author’s request, chronicles how she resurrects her life in the wine industry after several setbacks. It was both fun to read and an eye-opener. The paperback costs $17.48 on Amazon; the Kindle version is just $8.99.


Wellness Apps

New Digital Gifts For Your Favorite Wine Lover

Although wellness apps are not specifically for wine drinkers, anyone can benefit from gifts that foster health and well-being. A wellness app can be particularly helpful when traveling, especially if it offers more than a simple noise blocker.

I’ve been enjoying a new app from Soaak Technologies, which uses sound frequency technology to improve mood, mental health, and wellness. One can listen to the frequencies alone or layered with music or nature sounds. There are 30 different sound therapies, such as increasing creativity, stress relief, immune support, and sleep help. There’s an extensive library, immersion programs, and daily mindful intentions. You can even set notification schedules.


One month’s access is $29.99; there are also packages. Not sure? Go to the website and sign up for a free trial to check it out.   

I hope that these suggestions of five new digital gifts for your favorite wine lover help make your gift giving a little easier – or make you decide to splurge on one as a gift for yourself.


If you have additional digital gift suggestions, please share! We’re at Always feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feedback.


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